Anna Basson Properties

Trail Run 10KM / 5KM
(1.5KM Kids)

The 2nd of December is once again a highlight on the trail running calendar. The Anna Basson Trail Run, taking place at Mont Marie not only offers the best trails, but a host of reasons why this is the “have-to-do” event of the weekend. In short, the quality of the trails, the prize money and the amenities make it a great race for every athlete, as well as a fun day for the entire family.


MX Trail Jam Relay

A fun but a challenging race for teams of 4 over the 2.8km on the Bloemfontein motocross track as ridden by the riders and a combined team run to finish at the newly furnished Bloemfontein Skydiving venue.

Yes, it will be muddy you will get dirty and you will be slip-sliding but hey, you will have fun. We are catering for various categories eg. Corporate, Family and schools to name a few.