The Castle Lite Trail Running League held its 4th leg at the SANDF’s Tempe base.

This is an awesome venue for an Urban trail running challenge. With sections of the route named Ghost Alley and Jail Break runners not only had to deal with tough trail conditions but barbed razor wire and all things military to keep the baddies out.

We had the great fortune of starting this race in a very unique way. 4 Skydivers from the Central Skydiving Academy jumped from a plane flying over the Tempe sport grounds with runners starting at the moment the last skydiver touched ground. This signaled the start to their run for freedom. The excitement was at a high with smoke grenades and skydivers swirling and swooping down only a few feet from the waiting runners.

Once again great fun was had and awesome guts and courage shown by the runners coping with the tough hot conditions.

With 2 legs left the Trail Running League has proven to be a great success and we look forward to the next night run on the 5th November starting at 18h00 from Northridge Mall.

Get out there and experience some Pure Free Running.

Pure Adventures

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