Pure Adventures entered two teams into the Ultimate Summit AR race held at Amanzi Lodge just past Brandfort in the Free State.

The Team consisting of Adrian Saffy, Gerhard Beukes, Deon Du Preez and Nanette Ashley Botha made up the 1st team and Laura and Mathew De Haast teamed up with Leander Pienaar and Dougy Ventura as the 2nd team.

With the 1st Team racing fast and furious against our old nemeses and foes Team Kinetic from Gautengaleng we had a great time bash and thrashing through the Free State scrublands, dongas and koppies.

With the sounds of roaring lions and the possibility of bumping some bad tempered Buffalo we raced on completing the route to the abseil just behind Kinetic.

On the last hike leg we found our opponents searching for the last CP and thought that we stood a real chance of kicking their butts. We soon however realized why they were searching so long for the seemingly uncomplicated CP. It wasn’t at the point reflected on the Map.

Team Pure Adventures noticed the race organizer higher up in the mountain and followed the old fence line up the hill only to discover that the CP was placed in a totally wrong position. After consulting with the race organizer we suggested that due to this error the race should be halted at the Abseil and that position awarded to teams.

Team Pure Adventures ended 2nd behind Kinetic. Watch it boys revenge is sweet see you soon. No you will be seeing our heels soon.

Team Pure Adventure 2 had a bit of a nightmare out there but that is a story for them to tell.


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