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The  4 Peaks is arguably the toughest 24km in South Africa with a vertical accent of over 1800m.The route is unique as it takes you in a circle around the Main Lodge, which is the hub of activities during the weekend. This event is a Family affair and the location allows us to cater for all, with a kiddie’s treasure hunt to game drives and Horseback riding for those that are not participating in the race. This is a self-supported and self-navigational race and as the route is circular it makes it a good entry level event for those that are looking for something more challenging than running on the trail. The 24 Km should not fool you into a false sense of security as this is extreme Mountain running and is the equivalent to an ultra-marathon.

The SkyRun is an Epic Mountain run of 100km considered by many athletes to be the toughest Trail Run in South Africa. The event is made up of two options the SkyRun 65 a one day run or the big daddy of trail the SkyRun 100 . The event takes place in November each year and is unique in that the event is self-supported and athletes must navigate themselves between the check points on the route. This is one of the few runs that is unmarked and un-supported and this is one of the reasons that it is considered to be such a challenge and a must for most serious trail runners. Entries are limited to 250 athletes for both events. The 100km run is not recommended if you are a novice/beginner trail runner, and proof of previous trail event finishes may be required.  Rather opt for the 65km run presented on the same weekend.

The Wartrail Challenge presented by Pure Adventures is now open for the maverick, crazy, brave-hearted, extreme multi-sport athlete. Utilizing an extreme adventure sports terrain in the South African heartland – the North Eastern Cape – a new dimension in adventure sports opens to reveal a balanced multi- sports adventure.
The Wartrail Challenge consists of a 265 km route: The event itinerary is as follows: Registration: at the Lady Grey Country Club. Race briefing: to start at the Country Club.

65 Km Mountain Wilderness Run – 130 Km Mountain Bike – 65Km Paddle


 More than just a trail race, the Maxi Race,takes you on a journey, an adventure of self-discovery amongst exquisite, unique landscapes.

Whetheryou run alone or in a relay team, regardless of your level or your goals, there is an event for everyone. From theUltra; Marathon to the Entry Level Trail Race, you can choose the right race which will push you to develop your mountain skills.

Along these unique,well-preserved trails.